Sunday, March 30, 2008

A Light In The Attic

Tonight at bedtime, I read Shel Silverstein poems to Calvin. I decided to read "A Light In The Attic" because we don't read that one so often. I never really loved this poem - didn't dislike it - just wasn't one of my favorites. But, tonight as I read it, I thought about the people I had come across in my life that seemed like the light in their attic was dim. The ones that looked at you like you were speaking Japanese when you talked to them. The ones where it seemed like you were on two different wave lengths. You know that you've come across one, two, or even more of these people in your life. You remember how annoyed you were... but looking back it's a little comical.

So reading this poem made me smile tonight.
Maybe it will make you smile as you think about
some of your funny encounters with such individuals.

ENJOY! :-)

There's a light on in the attic.
Though the house is dark and shuttered,
I can see a flickerin' flutter,
And I know what it's about.
There's a light on in the attic.
I can see it from the outside,
And I know you're on the inside... lookin' out.

Nancy Reagan Endorses John McCain

Saturday, March 29, 2008


Did you have an imaginary friend when you were little? Well, I sure did. Her name was Udge. Where did that name come from? I don't know - it was her name so her imaginary parents must have given it to her. ;-)

I was an only child for many years and spent much of my time with adults. One day my mom's friend's kids left our house - leaving my room a mess. Mom told me to clean it up. I knew that complaining that Charity and her brother made the mess wouldn't get me anywhere. This is when I said Udge did it. It was the first time I ever spoke of her. I remember the look of confusion and then the smile on my mom's face as she told me to help Udge clean my room. From then on, she was a part of the family.

During this last week, I have spent a lot of time with my Mom's family during Heather's arrangements. Several people including Heather' mom and grandmother asked how Udge was doing. They brought up the stories I used to tell them about Udge and her exciting life as a Long John Silver's worker who drove so fast her car doors flew off! Funny how 20 some years later Udge is as popular as ever!

A couple years ago when my cousin Hailey (Heather's younger sister) was living with her mom and dad in my grandparent's old house, Hailey's mom heard her talking to her imaginary friend... Udge! Now, Hailey is in school and much too old and cool for an imainary friend. But, I hope Udge was as comforting and as good of a friend to Hailey as she was for me.

Flintstone Cure-All?

Wednesday night while driving to Heather's visitation, Calvin and I had an interesting conversation.

Calvin: "Mom, what you doing?"

Mom: "Driving to the funeral home."

Calvin: "Why?"

Mom: "To tell Heather good-bye."

Calvin: "Why?"

Mom: "Because she died and went to live with Jesus."

Calvin: "Why?"

Mom: "Her heart hurt really bad and then she died."

Calvin with concern in his voice: "No medicine???"

Mom: "Nope, she didn't have any medicine, bud."

Calvin: "I take my Flintstone's when my heart hurts!"

Death surely is one of the hardest subjects to talk about. I know that at 2 years old he does not grasp the concept. I wasn't even sure what to tell him when he asked why she died. A main artery leading to her heart shrank and then tore, preventing sufficient blood flow and leaking the blood into her body. I thought explaining all of that to Calvin would be too much - so I stuck w/ her heart hurt.

His innocense with the Flintstone vitamins reminded me that life is a cycle. Calvin is still a child in a precious part of his life where everything is still innocent and untainted.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Do You See What I See?

Look at this picture closely. Do you see a bare butt?!? My Aunt Dana was the 1st to point it out! Only her, right?!?
Anyway, it is funny and several people commented on the bare butt over the weekend when they saw our Puerto Rico pictures.
Who takes their pants off (by themselves) in the ocean? ;-) There is actually a picture taken right before this one with the guy's pants on. Too comical.

Also, I want to point out that my super studly husband might as well have the theme song, "I'm Too Sexy"! Seriously, I watched him strut his stuff on the beaches! It's like he was strutting around thinking all those college girls on spring break wanted a piece of him. I never said anything because I thought it was cute and at the end of the day he was going back to the room with me. ;-) He denies it all saying he never "strutted". Okay... Whatever... :-)

He hates that I changed his picture on the right from the one at the wedding to one of him strutting on the beach. I think it's funny and I'm not changing it anytime soon. And the longer he gripes about it, the longer it stays! The Power Of The Blog! (insert evil laugh)

You go Super Studly Husband! You work the catwalk!

"I'm a model you know what I mean
And I do my little turn on the catwalk
Yeah on the catwalk on the catwalk yeah
I do my little turn on the catwalk..."

A Hippity Hoppity Easter

I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter!

As you can see from the pictures, Calvin had a fabulous one! The Easter Bunny came a day early to our house since we had plans to stay at my dad's Saturday night. Calvin insists that the Easter Bunny woke him up saying, "Wake-up, Calvin!"

The Easter Bunny brought lots of eggs, tons of candy, the Bee Movie, and a soccer ball! Calvin couldn't have been happier!

We were lucky to be able to spend late Saturday night and all day on Sunday with family. Calvin did several egg hunts and got entirely too much candy! I'm not complaining, I am enjoying it! He got a bubble gun from Dad and Denise (we've secretly hidden it from him at home until we can go outside with it.) He really loves bubbles!

Calvin and Cooper got something extra special from my mom... baby ducks! :-) Calvin was very excited about them and now calls mom to talk to his ducks.


Have you ever been snorkelling? If so, you know how exciting it is!

On our honeymoon, we took a day trip on a catamaran to 2 different islands to snorkel. I first have to tell you that the weather was rainy on this day. Like the optimist that my husband is, he thought we should sit outside of the cabin on the boat. We were soaking wet from rain and waves by the time we got to the 1st stop.

We were freezing cold from all of the rain and wind, but were told it would be warmer to just get in the water to snorkel at or 1st stop that was near a private island not far from Fajardo. I was skeptical, but they were right. The water was about 20 feet deep and there were so many fish to see. It was beautiful! Neither of us had ever snorkelled before so this was new and exciting!

After some time, we got back on the boat and enjoyed a free lunch and free rum drinks... those were free the whole snorkel trip! Chris enjoyed them a lot! :-) Rum punch, Pina coladas, ad Hurricanes!!!

We headed toward our next stop where we actually stopped at an island with white sands and clear water. It was amazingly beautiful! I had never seen anything like it! The water was much shallower here (I could touch) and the catamaran staff said that we couldn't touch the coral reef which was the dark parts of the water. Swimming in shallow water and not touching something was just too difficult for me... I guess I'm not all that coordinated. Chris and I found lots and lots and lots of coral there that we brought home to use as decoration in our bedroom. Some young girls talked about finding a sea urchin, and some guy and his girlfriend insisted they saw a nerf shark and the guy was chasing him... ok... whatever! ;-)

All in all, I'd say the snorkel trip was worth every penny. We had a great time and got to experience something new. We recommend snorkelling to anyone who gets the chance to do it. I'm now wondering what scuba diving would be like. Has anyone ever been scuba diving???

Baby Sister Part II

"Mom, I will walk to my Baby Sister's house and get her. Don't run me over!" Quote by Calvin Leon.

Today, Calvin has been going on and on about his baby sister (that does not exist). He has talked about rocking her, playing with her, and wearing her socks... where do kids come up with this stuff?!?

Monday, March 24, 2008

A Baby Sister...

Last night Calvin saw pictures of baby Brayden sitting out. He proudly exclaimed, "My baby sister!"
Chris and I looked at each other with confusion. A baby sister?!? Where did that come from?
The conversation with Calvin proceeded as Calvin insisted that he wanted a baby sister and that he would play with her and agreed to change poopy diapers!
We wondered where he learned about baby sisters. We certainly hadn't talked about one. I sent his dad a text message asking if there was something he and Jenny forgot to tell me. He said that they aren't making Calvin a baby sister, either.
Even this morning Calvin was talking about his baby sister... hmmm...

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Live for today...

Saturday afternoon Chris, Calvin, and I started our drive to my Grandma's for Easter. Before we got out of Champaign I got a phone call from my mom. I couldn't make out all of her tear-stained words, but I understood that something bad had happened to my cousin, Heather. My mom asked me to call my Grandma to find out if it was true. Grandma said that Heather had passed away but she didn't know anything else. After a few phone calls I finally got through to her dad and was told that my Cousin had died and that her mom and family were at Carle. Chris raced to get me there.

Heather was 33 weeks pregnant with a baby boy. She had the name Brayden Chase picked out. Just last Sunday, she glowed at her baby shower when she was literally showered with baby gifts.

On Saturday, Heather and some girls including her boyfriend's stepmother came to Champaign to exchange some gifts and pick up a couple other things she wanted for the baby. She had lists and check boxes - much like how I shop as she made final purchases for the baby. As they were leaving Toys R Us, she started to complain of chest pain and upper back pain. They decided to take her to Carle immediately. They called her mom to have her come to the hospital from Arthur. Heather called her boyfriend, Devin, to ask him to come with her mom. The pains were getting worse. Just a few short minutes later as the pulled into the E.R. at Carle, Heather stopped breathing completely. The Dr's and nurses rushed to the car to try to recicitate her. They got her to a room in the e.r. and did an emergency c-section. The baby survived, but my beautiful cousin did not.

The tragic death of my cousin was hard to swallow. I immediately found her mother and family members at the hospital and was able to sit with Heather in her room for a long time. It may sound weird, but it was comforting to get some time... although I knew she was gone, and was getting colder, she wasn't in a casket and that made me feel like she knew I was there.

Although the baby went through shock from his mother's organs shutting down, he is doing well and now breathing on his own. There does not appear to be any significant damage and he is a healthy 5lbs. 8oz. He should be able to leave the NICU in a few weeks. In honor of the baby's mother they moderated the name Brayden Chase to Brayden Heath so that he can have part of his mom's name. I thought that was so special and sweet.

Heather and I were very close when we were younger. She was just a couple years younger than me and we spent a lot of time playing together - making fake food out of grass and serving it to Grandma or enjoying a fun shopping trip with her mom. Then, I moved to my dad's and they moved out of town. After some time, her parent's got divorced. That made it all the harder to keep in touch with her. We went our own ways in life but I often thought of her and prayed for her regularly.

Heather was an organ donor. Since her vital organs shutdown those wouldn't get to be donated but her eyes and other parts could be. This is something that Heather felt passionate about so her mother and boyfiend honored her wishes. The department that collected these parts were very patient with the family - never rushing them to leave the room - and waited until we had all said our final good-byes to do his work. We all held hands in the e.r. room around Heather's bed and prayed a short prayer and then one by one we said our good-byes. I'm not sure that I will ever forget the brief moment when I squeezed heather's hand and brushed her hair softly as I wispered to Heather how much I loved her and will miss her and asking her to watch over all of us but mostly her baby boy. Then, I left the room quickly, wiping away my tears, knowing that the next time I will see her will be in a casket and that wouldn't be the same.

I ask you to take the time today to make your wrong's right with loved ones or old friends. Don't go to bed angry at your husband. And do something special for a friend. Live for today because tomorrow may not come for someone you love.

Saturday, March 22, 2008


Do you speak Bloggish? If the language of Blog had a name would it be Bloggish, Blogen, Bloganese, Blogich, or Blogabic? What do you call it when you think in Blog?

In high school I took German. I remember someone telling me that if I dreamt in German then I really knew the language. I'm not sure how much truth there is in that - because sometimes I have dreams about war and someone is speaking what sounds like German - and I know very few words. Anyway, I have a point...

I noticed on our honeymoon as dfferent things happened that I was thinking about what was happening at that moment in terms of how I would/could type it out in my blog. Like, how I could tell the rest of the world my story. I caught myself doing this frequently. It was weird. I know I put a lot in my blog... but I don't exactly document my whole life on here.

So, it got me thinking about fellow bloggers and how intriguing their blogs are and I wonder if they think in Bloggish or take notes to remember all of the details to share with the rest of us.

Do you think in Bloggish? Or am I on the verge of going crazy? LOL. :-)

Friday, March 21, 2008

Honeymoon Pictures

All of our honeymoon pictures have been posted at Feel free to check them out. We'd recommend Puerto Rico to anyone for a GREAT vacation spot!

The Honeymoon...

Us at the resort

Chris and I went to Puerto Rico for our honeymoon. We just got back late Wednesday night.
We stayed at the beautiful Rio Mar Beach & Resort.
This place was like high class all the way. You know... super fancy.
The staff was so friendly - almost in a creepy Stepford Wives type of way. When we got in Saturday evening, we were met at the front desk by a representative of the resort who escorted us to our rooms and made sure everything was just perfect.
We enjoyed all of the fine resaurants, beach, and the hot tub at the resort - oh an the tiki bar out by the pool and beach. :-)
We visited Old San Juan one day and snorkelled the next day.
Anyway, more snidbits from the honeymoon coming in the next few days.
I have some funny stories and thoughts to share...

My super studly husband out by the beach.

Me being silly on the catamaran during our snorkel trip.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Home Sweet Home...

We just got in from our long day travelling back from our honeymoon in Puerto Rico... more to come tomorrow...

Friday, March 14, 2008

The Pictures Are In...

Today, I surprised my mom with an early Easter/Mother's Day gift. I couldn't keep it a secret any longer and besides brother Jake can't keep a secret so, I knew it was just a matter of days before he told her.
Last weekend we took Calvin and Cooper to Portrait Innovations to have their pictures taken for my mom. She almost cried when she saw how precious they were. We ordered so many pics that they threw in some collages for free. Mom loved those.

A brick Wall

In my life I've never been told that I'm not good enough to do anything my heart desires. I was taught that where there is a will there is a way. In the Air Force I was recognized by senior leadership on a regular basis for various things I did. So, on Thursday afternoon when I met with my new advisor at school, I did not understand it when she said that I would not be getting accepted into the Fall 2008 Radiologic Technology program. This is a selective admissions program that only 20 students out of 100's of applicants get accepted into each year by scoring high in a rubics of somesort that admissions has created to deem who makes the cut. I have never been told that there's not a loop hole I can find or a way to get what I want. In my various jobs I have never been held back. I could not accept this brick wall that stood between me and my dream.
My advisor was thorough in explaing why.
1'st: in 2004 I failed Chem 105 at Lake Land and that F counts stronger than any other grade because it was a science. It doesn't matter that the reason I failed was because I had just gotten out of the Air Force and was unprepared for the kick in the ass depression that hit me like a ton of bricks. The technical term for "can't get my ass off the couch - even to take my crazy pills" is what they called "Separation Anxiety." It makes sense. My whole world changed when I got out of the AF. But obviously, nobody in the military that outprocessed me had ever gotten out of the AF so they didn't know how hard it could be on a person to transition back into the civillian lifestyle. I was irresponsible during that time and never properly withdrew fom the class - or any of my other pre-med classes. Instead, I just quit going. I messed up. I have retaken most of the other classes dropped in '04 and have replaced those F's or D's with A's and B's. I am even in Chemistry now - w/ an A... but it won't help me get accepted into the program, now. I take responsibility for what happened. I messed up.
2nd reason: My first advisor at Parkland was a moron. He put me in the wrong math class meaning I missed out on a biology class that could have helped get me accepted. When I went over my application with him he knew my Lake Land grades but never bothered to tell me that I would probably not be accepted for the Fall '08 semester. Instead he let me take the needless math class and a health occupations chemistry class that I'm not sure will ever count as anything for a different major.

So... you're probably thinking that I'm going nuts. You know the Christina that always has a PLAN. The Christina that lives for a well thought out PLAN that is seen through until the end. The Christina that has a mild obsession with planning. So, what in the world would this Christina do when her plan was crumbled to pieces?!?

Well, I am very lucky to have a best friend like Tiffany. She understands my need for a plan. She called me late Thursday afternoon and together we scouted out my options and derived a new plan. (ahhh... yes... that meant I could somehow breath again.) Things are still a little up in the air but at this point my plan is to meet with the head of the Respiratory Therapy program and sell my ass off to get considered for that program. It was a career I had thought about before but for some reason didn't pick it. This program is a little easier to get in to - mostly because it's not as popular as radiology.
To prevent myself from nearing a nervous breakdown if I'm not admitted into Respiratory Therapy... we came up with a back-up plan. Parkland and several other colleges offer a Mass Communications degree. It is very broad but I can focus on public relations and photojournalism. I have a passion for photography so this could be my ticket to making it a career.

A couple shout outs:
1: To my super studly husband. Thank-you for all of your support.
2: To Tiffany! Thank-you, thank-you, thank-you! You know the meaning of a true plan and the obsession I have with them. Thank-you for keeping me sane! Thank-you for not thinking my crazy plan-aholic lifestyle is nuttso!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Fish Fry For A Cause

Tomorrow (Friday, Mar. 14th) T-Town KC Hall is giving the proceeds from their Friday Night Fish Fry to help Bernice Walk. She is the husband of Pete Walk of rural Dieterich (Bishop). You may know her as Doughy or Tami's mom.
I've known Bernice for serveral years. She is a strong and beautiful woman. Unfortunately, she has been battling cancer on and off for a few years.
If you can make it to the T-Town K.C. Hall tomorrow night to help her and her family out just a little that would be great! If not, a simple prayer for her would be appreciated.

The Crazy Chronicles

If you have some extra time I recommend reading Crystal's story at Boobs, Injuries, and Dr. Pepper. Start towards the bottom of her blog at the post titled Committed and then read upwards to the most current posts. It is a remarkable story that has touched my heart.

A Ray Of Sunshine

The last couple days have been absolutely wonderful with Calvin. He did a complete 180 from the brat he was being. Now, he's full of hugs and kisses and the snuggle bunny I love.
This got me thinking... about the Terrible Two's... is this something that stretches out for a long time? Dawn has talked about Daelyn being worse in her 3's than she was in her 2's. Why can't they just be pure evil for a couple weeks or months and get it over with?!? It's kind of like taking a bandaid off... I'd rather rip it off fast than make it hurt longer.

Last night, Chris and Calvin fell asleep on the couch. It was very cute. Then, I put them both to bed but I coudn't sleep so I was up watching a movie. Around 12:30 Calvin wondered into the living room to snuggle with me. He told me to rest my eyes and go to sleep. Somewhere around 2:00 a.m. I put my sleeping baby back in his bed and I went to mine. I woke-up this morning (after Chris left for work) with Calvin in bed with me with his little sweet arm around me. It was a very nice way to wake-up. I tried to savor the moment because I know that sometime soon he will morph back into a terrible-two monster.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Calvin has discovered his new favorite toy in our house:
A purple $1 calculator off of Chris's desk.
Last night he proudly brought the calculator downstairs to me and declared that there was a '3' on the screen. By Golly George - there were 2 3's... and a 4. I thought that was a coinsidence. But, this morning he typed in some 8's and he knew they were 8's I was like, "WOW! OMG! You know what a freaking 8 is!!!"
WHEN did my baby Calvin learn what 3's and 8's are?!? All of a sudden it hit me... and hard... he's potty trained, can dress himself (quite fashionably if I may say so myself), can brush his own teeth, wears a backpack, drinks from a big-boy cup, and now knows what numbers look like!!! Who is this kid? What happened to my baby that depended on me to know everything??? He's really growing up.

Today, the calculator is not just a magic number machine. He thinks it's his new game - like a Nintendo DS or PSP! He pushes buttons really fast and yells things like, "Oh yeah - racer! I'll race you!" He's so cool. The coolest 2 year old boy I know at least. :-)

Shout Out To Panther

Big - Gigantic SHOUT OUT to PANTHER from the Blogger support site! He fixed my problem... well sort of.
The thing is what he told me to do I had already tried and gotten an error. I got the same error when I did it as he instructed. Then... a light bulb turned on above my head and I figured out the error by changing a linklist name from 1 to 2 to eliminate duplicates. Voila! :-)
I hope you like the new look of the blogspot. I tried somethng new this time getting a bit more technical. I know it won't last forever - but for now it works. :-)
Now, if I could figure out how to save my Widgets so I wouldn't have to retype and configure them every time I change my layout... Any suggestions?

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Anybody know???

CAN ANYONE HELP ME??? I want to add the blogger bar to the top of my blogspot. You know, the one that has your email addy (that you are logged in as) dashboard, help, sign out.
Grrr... I've spent way too long trying to figure it out tonight. I thought I found it and then I think blogspot had an outage of some sort because I kept getting errors.

Blog Problems

Bear With Me While I Make Some Changes To The Blogspot. I'm Trying To Figure Some Things Out On Here. I'm Probably Making It Too Difficult... That's Just How I Am. :-)

It Might Be A Super-Fantastic Day!

Today might be a spifferific day! Why? Because...

1.) Calvin is being nice. He even got in bed with me this morning and snuggled for awhile and said, "I love you, Mom!!!"

2.) I have no homework to do today!

3.) I got a B on my chemistry quiz yesterday!

4.) The SUN is out!

5.) I just checked my midterm grades... I am getting a high B in Algebra - and an A in Chemistry. English grades aren't released, yet - but I'm certain it's a high B and if I'm lucky an A. :-)

6.) Just 4 more days 'til we leave for Puerto Rico!!! :-)

Monday, March 10, 2008

Terrible Two's

I thought Calvin already hit his terrible two's. Then, this last week it really kicked in - and it seems to get worse every day! I am not joking that if it gets much worse we are going to consider shipping him off to some foreign land. Is he too young to enlist in the military?!? ;-) We'd consider sending him to a Grandma's or even his Dad's... but that would never get anything solved because they would just give in to him.

Ugh... He argues with everything we say. I could tell him I'm Mom and he will argue that he's Mom. At first it was a little cute... now it is frustrating... and has expanded into him doing anything to defy us. Just 2 minutes ago while I was working on homework he went over to the wall outlet and unplugged everything. Then, after I explained that he needed to leave things alone that weren't his and tried to get him to enjoy one of his fav. shows he went into my bedroom and started pulling things out of my drawers. Of course that upset me because it was intentional and that hurts. Yesterday he was mean... an I am serious...mean... to me all day. He wanted nothing to do with me and would only talk to Chris. And he wasn't all that nice to Chris, either. Most of the times I talked to him he ignored me. And if he yelled for something and I answered he would only scream his need louder and then add "Chris," to his demand so that Chris would answer him. I had hoped that waking up this morning would bring a new day full of Calvin love but I think that was only wishful thinking.

At one point I considered tha this may be Calvin's way of telling me that I'm not giving him enough attention. So, I've made an extra effort to do fun things with him. It doesn't change anything and fun time with him is no longer much fun since he's so mean.

He is going through an independent stage where he wants to do everything himself. "My do it" is what he screams at me when I help him get dressed, put in the bath, wipe his butt - whatever - he screams at me. I think it's great that he is becoming his own person but he needs to be respectful of me and other adults.

I am seriously dreading when we pick him up after our honeymoon. He will be spending 5 days with his dad and my Grandma... he always comes back with an attitude that I have to readjust when he stays with either of them for even 1 day. So, I can only imagine after 5 days it will take me a 1/2 week or more to get him to listen and behave.

At what point does this turn into a bad child and not just the terrible two's? You know those terrible kids you see at Wal-Mart kicking and screaming and acting really horrible... how did they end up that way? How long do you tolerate the Terrible Two's? Does it turn into what your child really is? Or will one day Calvin miraculously turn back into the lovabe, hugable, kissable, snuggable little boy that he was just a few days ago?

Nobody warned me that the Terrible Two's could be so hard on the Mom. Nobody said that there might be times when your child is so mean that you go to your room and cry. And nobody told me that the Terribe Two's meant that your child would pretend not to love you and leave you feeling sad so much of the time.

Do you have children? Have you had to deal with the Terrible Two's? How did you get through it??? I really don't want to take xanax every day until this is over! ;-) Something's got to change!

Sunday, March 9, 2008


Could it be? Could Spring be on its way?

My prediction: YES!

No, I'm not psychic. But, I have had a few sneezing fits today - you know the ones where you sneeze 3-8 times consecutively and I have itchy, watery eyes. So, either Spring is on its way or a cat snuck into our house and is living somewhere in the depths of the toy box giving off it's dander that I am oh so very allergic to.

Cooper Slept Over

Friday night we were lucky enough to get Cooper John for the night. Calvin was very excited to have his cousin over. I think he anticipated lots of playtime with his toys. He didn't realize that a 6 month old baby doesn't like to play farm, yet. :-) We enjoyed playing with the Coopster. He thought Calvin was the funniest thing ever! It was so refreshing to spend time with such a precious little miracle that only knows love and happiness.

I had originally thought that keeping Cooper might cure Chris's case of Baby Fever. I don't think it did and I will admit, that instead it made me ponder the thought of having a baby. Then, I put together logically: 1st School, 2nd House, 3rd Baby.

However, we are looking forward to getting Cooper again, soon.

I only got one picture of them... and it's not the best - but it's a cute one.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

REASON NUMBER 334 WHY TONY STEWART IS BETTER THAN JIMMIE JOHNSON: Home Depot has fun #20 Tony Stewart car-carts for kids. Lowe's had no #48 Jimmie Johnson carts.

Yesterday while Calvin and I were out and about, I remembered that we needed a big plastic drop cloth to cover the loft while Calvin and I do our paintings. Lowe's was right there - just across the street from the shoe store we were at. I normally only go to Home Depot - but decided that convenience outweighed my love of the #20. Home Depot has awesome carts that are like little race cars for the kiddos. I was disappointed to find that Lowe's does not have similar car-carts for #48.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Just Another Wednesday

Notes from my Wednesday:

*** My friends Jason and Carolyn are the proud parents of a bouncing baby boy. This means Miss Amelia is a Big Sister! That's a big job! I have a new found respect for Carolyn. I learned today that she must be some sort of super-human individual... she delivered at home in the bath tub with the assistance of a midwife. No drugs! No epidural! She's much braver than I could ever be! Can't wait to see new pictures of baby... still waiting to find out his name.

*** Calvin woke-up this morning and like usual he asked, "Where's Chris?" I told him he was at work. He replied, "Doing dishes?" I further inquired about Cavin's thoughts on Chris's job and he truly believes that Chris does dishes at work. The thing is, Calvin thinks doing the dishes is cool and he refers to our dirty dishes as his dishes and always wants to help put them in the dishwasher.

*** Walking to school this morning I was behind a male couple holding hands. My obvious thought was, "Those jeans are fabulous! Where can I get me some like that?" This got me thinking about my gay friend, John. I might have to give him a call sometime soon to find me some hot jeans, too!

*** I bravely went to my English class even though I only had 2 1/2 pages of my 4 page rough draft research paper done. I was also 15 minutes late for class because I was in the testing center taking my Chemistry quiz. Check me out... I got a B!!! Normally I wouldn't be so excited about a B, but Chemistry is not easy and I will settle for a B.

*** Tiffany REGISTERED to vote in Missouri, today! That made me happy! And, if you're wondering... her new job is going even better than she expected! She is already being recognized as a huge asset to the branch.

*** My cousin Heather is expecting a baby boy! VERY excited for her. Mom called today to see if I was going to her baby shower on March 16th... at first I was excited about it - then I got more excited thinking about on that very day I will be in Puerto Rico instead!!! :-) Iwill send a fabulous gift in my absence.

*** Another complaint on the LACK of shoe selection for boys!!! Calvin and I were out and about - all over Champaign this afternoon looking for him some brown shoes for Easter. There were 1 maybe 2 options at each store compared to the dozens of dress shoes for little girls! Shoe-maker-people... Boys Wear Shoes, Too! I found some cute ones at Kohls but thought the price was a little high. Searched the mall and Shoe Carnival - ugly, ugly, and uglier. Very unhappy. We ended up with a pair from Famous Footwear - for the same price the ones at Kohls were. I gave up. He loves the shoes - so I guess that's all that matters. Price doesn't matter to him - he thinks his McDonald's gift card can buy endless amounts of Happy Meals - someday he will have kids (in a VERY long time!) and he will wonder how in the heck I managed to spoil him like I do!

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Super Tuesday II Updates

Today was Super Tuesday II - I decided to break my short-lived silence on the campaign and report:

This is big... no - HUGE for the McCain campaign! I am so excited that now we can focus on the general election instead of getting the nomination. Now the big question, who will he ask to be his running mate?
I've read a few article lately that have tried to speculate who John McCain would ask to run as Vice President. One site is strongly urging him to ask Colin Powell. I personally think he would make a very fine Vice President and be a candidate that I would trust to take over as Commander and Chief if something were to happen to John McCain. That's something to think about... c'mon - John McCain is 71 years old... anything could happen.
Recently Mike Huckabee was on a t.v. show - not sure which one - maybe Meet The Press - something on a Sunday morning when I watch t.v. to catch up on the campaign. Anyway, the reporter asked him if he would consider being a running mate with John McCain if John McCain won the nomination. Huckabee said something to the affect of, "Nobody wants the job as Vice President but nobody turns it down." Interesting... What about Mitt Romney and his hottie clan??? ;-) That would make it hot!

Tonight could be - but probably won't be the night that decides the Democratic nominee. It is projected that Clinton will win Ohio. But, seriously at this moment they are neck and neck in Texas! She needs Texas to be able to say she has enough of the popular vote to continue in the campaign. If she loses Texas it will be a major blow to her campaign.

I want to put a shout out on here to my friends Jason and Carolyn - and their friends in New Hampshire who have proudly supported Republican, Ron Paul!
It has been noted on many news casts and in newspapers and magazines that he has some of the best supporters. Carolyn and Jason are close friends of mine that have been extremely active on Ron Paul's campaign. I think it is admirable that they have the passion to find a candidate that they believe in and follow-through and fully support him - even if it means sleepless nights updating the website ( or driving hours to be at a campaign rally supporting Ron Paul. THEY ARE INVOVLED! This is what being an American is all about! It doesn't matter if you're Democrat or Republican - YOU have the right to choose your candidate and the right to VOTE!

Soccer Shirts

Each and every morning when Calvin and I pick out his outfit for the day he yells, "Soccer shirt!". He has 2 shirts with soccer balls on them... they match his soccer hat and soccer backpack. He loves the soccer shirts and I had even been planning on getting his some short sleeve ones for summer.
So, on Sunday Chris and I were finishing up the laundry. I saw the Old Navy white soccer shirt w/ navy sleeves was dirty so I threw it in the wash... the rule is if 1 or both of the soccer shirts are dirty and you're doing a load of cold load of clothes - thrown them in, too! So, the white soccer shirt was in the washing machine with some towels. Chris found my red towels and threw them in the wash, too. I heard him say he was putting them in the wash and it never clicked... they are RED and the beloved soccer shirt is WHITE. Needless to say, the shirt turned pink. I could have cried.
We washed it immediately again - and some of the pink came out but not all of it. Then, I scrubbed it with baking soda - I don't know why - just sounded like a good idea. Then, I washed it again. Still a little pink. It has been soaking in cold water, baking soda, and laundry detergent since yesterday. It looks a little better - Chris said it looked white again. In my head it's still a little pink... I really don't want Calvin to wear it to school looking like I don't know how to do laundry. It wasn't me... it was those damn red towels that I love too much to get rid of!

Sunday, March 2, 2008


The weather was absolutely gorgeous today! I can hardly believe that just a few days ago it was snowing! It was so warm that we opened up the door to the balcony and turned off the heat! Chris decided that the warm weather warranted cold beer on the balcony... So he and Calvin took their beer and juice outside. So, at lunch time they wanted to eat out there. :-) Tonight we're having chili for dinner and Calvin keeps telling us we're eating out there again. Being outside makes him so happy that we might actually eat out on the balcony!

We played t-ball outside today. This year he can really hit the ball! He hit it so far it rolled into the lake/pond! Chris fetched it for him! :-) Then, we went for a short walk. Where we live there are nice sidewalk walking trails around the lake/pond. I think one lap is a half mile and that's how far we walked. While on our walk, we saw lots of nice people walking their dogs. Calvin enjoyed seeing all the dogs. I however did not enjoy all of the dog poop in the grass! Grrr... there are signs posted and it is regularly put in our condo's newsletter that you must scoop up your dog's poop. It's gross and an inconvenience for us people trying to enjoy the grass areas.

The weather was so nice today... wondering if it's because Tom and Susan took the cold, wintery weather with them to Colorado! I hope they don't bring it back with them tomorrow!!!

Saturday, March 1, 2008

A Busy Day!

A busy Saturday...
* We tackled setting up accounts at a new bank up here in Champaign. We felt a little silly carrying in all that cash from the wedding gifts!
* Did a little shopping - mostly for Chris some new summer clothes. I swear he'd wear that "White Trash For A Day" t-shirt everytime we go out on the boat if I'd let him. I invision that shirt getting "lost" in the laundry someday before summer! I insisted that his old t-shirts were not going to Puerto Rico!
* Steve & Barry's is having a sale - everything is $8.98 or lower. I have horrible luck at that store. Grrr. I had hopes that I would love everything in the Jessica Parker Bitten Collection... but nothing fits me right. Did manage to find a couple cute shirts, a necklace, and new sunglasses. :-)
* Picked up Calvin in Arcola late this afternoon, before church. Thanks to his oh so very funny father, he now likes to say, "Matt's gay!" - referring to Matt Stevens. Yeah - it's cute and it's funny - especially because I know it gets a rise out of Matt. But how in the heck am I going to explain this one to his teachers?!? Last week I had to explain why Calvin told them, "Tony shot me!" when asked about the ouchie on his face. His teachers probably think we're a nutzo family! If they only knew he learns these crazy things at his dad's!
* Calvin is addicted to Flintstone vitamins... Over a month ago he was sick and I gave him baby tylenol - a.k.a Pink Medice. Now, every time he coughs, sneezes, or breaks wind he asks for pink medicine. He settles for 1 Flintstone vitamin a day.
* Post church we had to tackle Bed Bath & Beyond, Target, and Wal-Mart. I learned something at BB&B... the quality of a knife has to do with the quality of steel and apparently German steel is high end. I never knew that before. Anyway, by the time we were finished we were all starving and ready to get home. I think we'll sleep in tomorrow. The plan is to make pancakes, sausage, bacon, and eggs for breakfast.

Night out

Tonight, Chris and I joined Nick and Lori for drinks at Billy Barooz. We had so much fun! It was so great to just get out of the house for awhile and enjoy a couple cold drinks with fun friends! We can't wait to hang out with them again soon. :-) We couldn't stay out too late because I had Chemistry homework due online by midnight - why is it that I'm scheduled to be in Chem 6 hours a week and yet I have to do the homework online and go to a testing center on my own time for quizes?!? Grrr...
Anyway, the bar we went to was nice and clean - and college-kid free... as in no wild 'Unofficial St. Patty's Day' stuff to report. That would be an interesting blog... especially since I'm highly annoyed by that drunken scene with the immature/underage college kids puking/making-out/pushing/yelling/touching/flashing/screaming/etc. So, nothing wild to report tonight. I'm sure on Monday my young classmates will have fun stories and I will pass them along to you.
One girl said her roomate was up at 5:30 this morning with her boyfriend making breakfast and drinking already... they tapped the keg by 9:00 a.m.! I'm sure she'll have fun stories!