Saturday, February 23, 2008

Tid Bits

*** Last night we went to Red Lobster - it's Lent and was Friday. I typically don't eat fish because I insist I don't like it. I ordered Flounder - and actually liked it! This is a big deal for me! Woo hoo! This however doesn't mean I don't have other food "allergies".

*** Chris and I went for a walk today - in the snow. Ended up with a little snow ball fight. I of course won because I always win. ;-) Anyway, we got back home and I realized I lost my phone on our walk. About 25 minutes later we found it buried in the snow. Luckily, it seemed to still work. I disassembled it and it is drying right now.

*** How do 2 year olds know what a happy meal is? Tom and Susan sent Calvin a McDonald's gift card for Valentine's Day - Thank-you - he loved it. For 2 days now, he has been asking for a Happy Meal. And, he knows they come from McDonald's. I guess I didn't realize that children his age caught onto things like that already. Well,he got his chicken Mcnugget happy meal today in Tuscola while we waited for his dad to get there. He even got to pay for it himself with the gift card. He was a very happy little boy. :-)

*** I'm working on a research paper about whether or not the movie Casablanca appeals to the average 22 year olds and if it is a timeless classic that young viewers will want to watch in the future. Can young people relate to the movie? Any thoughts?

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Rebekah said...

ok, im defenitely not 22. more like 32, but Casablanca sucks. I prefer something with some nudity, myself.