Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Riding In The Car With Calvin...

Driving with Calvin is always interesting. Today, this is our chit-chat in the car after daycare:

Mom: "Calvin, what did you do at school today?"

Calvin: "Fly in the space ship to the moon!"

Mom: "Really?!? Wow! That's exciting! Did your friends go to the moon with you?"

Calvin: "No. Just Chris. Chris fly to the moon with me! Chris jumed on the moon!"

Mom: "That sounds like fun. Did Chris have fun, too?"

Calvin: "I left him there!"

I didn't even tackle that... I just laughed. I guess I won't bother making dinner tonight since Chris skipped work today to fly to the moon! :-)

When we got to the circle drive in the parking lot, Calvin decided to play Red Light, Green Light. This game involves him yelling, "Red light!" and I stop until he says, "Green light." Needless to say what should have taken 45 seconds to drive took closer to 5 minutes! Usually our game is stopped short due to other traffic. No such luck today.

Calvin got his hair cut after school. We went to a different salon in Savoy. She was great! He looks very handsome. While we were at the salon, the beautician asked if he had a girlfriend. He proudly said, "Yes! Madison!" This is news to me! I will be investigating this Madison girl at school tomorrow. :-)

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