Friday, December 14, 2007

Ummm... where are the cookie cutters?

Since we just moved to a new town, I decided I needed to venture off... away... from Wal-Mart... and try somewhere new. So, I went to Meijer. I seriously spent 2 hours there because I was lost. I needed to major grocery shop and get all the stuff for Christmas candy. I walked that store time and time again trying to find the christmas tree cookie cutters - or any Christmas cookie cutters... but I couldn't find any. I asked 2 people that worked there and they didn't know, either. Grrr... So if that wasn't bad enough, I had one of those carts that steers to the right all the time. I could barely drive that thing! I'm going to need a serious massage tonight! So, I decided that Wal-Mart is like 5 minutes from our house... I'll go there for the cookie cutter! On a positive note, Meijer had cereal on sale: Buy 4 boxes of General Mills brand cereal and get 2 FREE! :-)

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