Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Potty Training

So... we started potty training Calvin in May... It's December... still not done. Any suggestions??? I bought him a miniature Elmo toilet seat that goes on the big potty. I thought he'd love it. I've tried bribing him with M&M's, yelling, time-out, putting cheerios in the toilet for him to aim at, and other rewards. But, he just didn't seem to care. In fact, he has regressed over the past two months. He used to always go #2 on the toilet... now he'd rather go and hide. Grrr...
So, today my patience was wearing low. I have been telling him for a month that Santa won't come unless he goes potty like a big boy. He is excited about Santa - so this works when he thinks about it - but he's two... he thinks about a million different things a minute. Anyway, he pooped his pants today. I was upset because I have been working with him so much lately. At one point, I had him in tears. I told him I was mad at him. That broke his heart. I wanted to cry. I immediately decided that I had to do something. Getting mad wasn't getting him potty trained any faster. I decided that while I was thinking up a plan I was taking away his pull-ups and he'd have to wear big boy underwear. I religiously took him the the bathroom the rest of the day.
I did some research online tonight. Got a great idea to make a chart and use stickers to track his daily and weekly progress. I even made him a travelling chart so he will have something to take with him to his dad's. Which will also motivate Aaron to stay on top of it, too. So, that's my plan for now.
ANYONE have ANY other ideas??? Should I try using a normal potty chair? I'll try anything. HHHEEELLLLPPPP!!!!


Anonymous said...

Hey Christina, Its Tina R. Just a thought. I followed the signs of the moon with Hunter. I started December 7th and we have only had four accidents since then, most of which are my fault. I.e. I didnt take him potty before we left and he couldnt make it! I did not do a potty seat, i bought one that fits inside the current toliet seat, I didnt do pull ups, went straight to 'Cars', Diego, and Thomas underoos!! I went straight to standing on a stool to pee and then straight to him sitting on the regular toliet. I take him potty about every 45 minutes. So far it has worked for me but they do say it takes boys longer. Here is the farmers almanac chart I followed:http://www.almanac.com/astrology/

Looks like you could start again on December 31. Supposedly it works. I havent had any troubles trying to follow the signs of the moon.

You can always call me if you would like and we can chat or you can email me at t_tina_red@yahoo.com

Christina said...

Tina - thanks for the info on the Farmer's Almanac. I did that at first - way back in May... I will agree that it worked... at first. I think it was my fault he regressed then. I got lazy. Now, I am standing firm. He is doing great. Just a couple accidents but that's to be expected I guess during the holidays. I hope you guys had a great Christmas!