Thursday, December 20, 2007

Cookies, Pretzels, and fudge, Oh My!

Before I start - YES, Dawn that said fudge! I have some set aside just for you!!! We love you that much!!!
3 trips to Schnucks and 8 hours in the kitchen and we were finished with our Christmas candy masterpieces.
Tiffany and I were up last night until like 3:00 A.M. So, we didn't wake-up until 10:00 this morning which was a bit later than we planned on since we had so much baking to do. (Yeah - it was nice sleeping in!) Sorry to the people that have jobs to go to at 0800! ;-)
We are pretty proud of ourselves for what we all accomplished:

1.) Fudge in 3 flavors: milk chocolate, white chocolate, and a mix of white chocolate and mint chocolate. Yes - all 3 are scrumptuous. The amazing part is that neither of us had EVER made fudge.
2.) Tree shaped sugar cookies w/ green icing and cute sprinkles. 3 batches!
3.) Puppy chow mix - 8 sandwich bags full.
4.) Milk chocolate and white chocolate pretzels - some w/ sprinkles and some drizzled in caramel or mint chocolate.
5.) Cinnamon rock candy - first time at this, too. Turned out great!
6.) My delectable, fluffy, always so soft chocolate chip cookies.
7.) White chocolate dipped pretzel rods decorated with sprinkles, peppermint sprinkles, caramel, and mint chocolate.
8.) Milk chocolate, white chocolate, and mint chocolate covered oreos - some drizzled with other chocolate and caramel flavors.
You're probably asking yourself, "Where did they put all of this candy??? Christina's condo isn't that big!" Well, let me tell you... we were resourceful. There were candy and cookies in every room but the bathroom including the coffee table, my dresser, my bed, the couch, and shelves in Calvin's room!!!
Tiff and I had a great time and decided this has to be an anual event. :-) Just think Patterson... If I still worked there you'd all be getting goodies tomorrow! Have a Merry Christmas!

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