Wednesday, November 21, 2007


I love shoes... and it just so happens that my son inherited this shoe-loving gene from me.
He is 2. He has 1 pair of tennis shoes - they were cute Adidas ones. He loved them. Whenever he'd see a stranger or feel uncomfortable he'd say, "Shoes... Mom did it" in a very cheery manner. He was proud. Well, somehow during the moving back and forth from our new house to Grandma and Grandpa's on a day to day basis, we lost one of these coveted tennis shoes. I suspect it fell out of the car. So, he has had to wear his semi-casual brown ones. He's not so proud of these. So, this morning I told him we were going shoe shopping just for him. Instantly, he smiled from ear to ear. We went to 10 or more stores looking for shoes. No luck. Either they were all ugly, since that appears to be the style for toddler boys' shoes this year. Or, they didn't have his size. The poor guy at Foot Locker was constantly running to the back to get us the right size... always to return empty handed saying they didn't have Calvin's size. It was a disappointment. Calvin, did great. Each store was like a new adventure to him and he tried not to be disappointed as we left each store empty handed. Finally, I had to tell him that there were no shoes and I would order them online. He said, "Oh, man" with a sigh and then tried to smile through his teary eyes. My heart broke. I kid you not, I would have paid a ton of money today for a good pair of shoes just to make him smile. When we got home we instantly headed to the loft to shop online for a new pair of tennis shoes that he could be proud of. We found them. These are what he picked out.
These shoes are cute - and he will be oh so very proud to show them off! So, the next time you see the Calvster tell him how much his shes rock!
Todays trip was disappointing. The majority of the stores we went into didn't have anything near worth buying. When will shoe designers realize that to a little boy his tennis shoes are important. He's not like girls who have lots of glitzy, sparkly shoes. He needs "little man" tennis shoes. Please, shoe designers, design more attractive tennis shoes for toddler boys. Give them something to be proud of.