Saturday, October 13, 2007

Children's Waiting Room Etiquette

Did I miss a parenting memo that states that while in the waiting room at the doctor's office it is acceptable for children to misbehave and go through other people's purses?
The Scenerio:
Yesterday, I was waiting for my mother in the gynecologist waiting room. Shortly after she was called to the room a couple and their young daughter arrived. Cute little girl. Immediately the little girl started running around the room and playing quite loudly. I can understand this - she was under 2 and was bored. I smiled at her and even said a few nice words about her shirt and hair - girly stuff. Not long later, while running and playing near me she saw my purse and began to root through it. I looked up at her father - made eye contact with him - as to ask him kindly to have his daughter get out of my new Michael Kors handbag - it was my purse and that's private. He did nothing. I glanced at the mother - she was reading and not paying any attention. I'm not one to normally say something to someone else's kids but this was wrong - the parents should have stopped her. So, I very nicely asked the young girl to get out of my purse and directed her towards some magazines. She was happy to look at the magazines. Problem solved. Then, the father disgruntedly states that he can't believe that the doctor's office doesn't provide any toys for children. It's like he was blame shifting... it wasn't his or his daughter's fault that she was digging through my purse... it was the doctor's because they should entertain children while they wait. Hmmm... interesting theory Mr. Father of pink shirted pretty girl. I wasn't in the least bit angry with the young girl. She didn't know better and kids are kids. But, after her dad's comment I was quickly irritated and ready to leave.
This is what I have to say: As parents our lives revolve around our children. But, we need to face the fact that everyone else's world does not do the same. Therefore, packing small snacks and a couple little toys will help to entertain your children.


tina said...

Amen to bringing your own stuff.. that is y they have diaper bags even though u might not need diapers!!!

Dawn said...

Are you kidding me? The parents didn't stop her? I mean, yeah, she's cute, but cuteness doesn't allow breaking and entering. Those parents should be ashamed of themselves.

Michele said...

My OB/GYN doesn't even allow children in her waiting room and there is a big, ole sign saying so. But that issue aside, the parents should definitely have brought toys and snacks.