Wednesday, October 31, 2007

2 Crazy Women on a House Hunt...

Yesterday, Tiffany and I went to Champaign to look at different rental properties for me, Chris, and Calvin to move into in December. I'd say all in all the day was good... even though we didn't find me a new home! I think Chris might go back one evening to look at a place and then again maybe on Saturday to look at more places. Hobby Lobby called while we were up there - the rest of the wedding flowers came in - so now I should have all the flowers!!! :-)
Thank-you, Tiffany. I couldn't have tackled the CU rental showings - navigation - dead mouse - 1978 wallpaper - or Hobby Lobby with out you! I hope you decide to move, too!!!
Today I woke-up sicker than I felt yesterday. I made the decision to go to school and work regardless of my achey body. Then, Calvin woke-up with the same look on his face as how I felt. I took our temps... yeah, we went back to bed until almost 9:30! I think he's feeling tons better. I'm feeling a little better. I am hopeful that I will be better by tomorrow. BIG day tomorrow... more to come on that after the BIG day. I just can't be sick tomorrow... just can't. I won't be sick. Not me. Not Calvin. Tommorow will be a GREAT day!

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