Sunday, September 23, 2007

The War

Friday morning at the end of the Today Show on NBC, they aired a preview for the mini series, The War. The music to go along with the preview was Norah Jones singing American Anthem, a beautiful and touching song that brought me to tears. Republican, Democrat, Black, or white - this song is for anyone. Everyone can relate to it in one way or another. For me, it was the current war we are in and the time I was deployed and the other years I was in the Air Force. It brought back lots of memories of my time serving our country, the people I met along the way, and the shock of September 11th when I saw it on t.v in my dorm room at RAF Mildenhall, U.K. I remember the immediate panic that overwhelmed me, but somehow I immediately made my way to the DSN phone outside my doorm room to call my NCOIC. At that time, nobody was 100% sure what had happened or what would happen next. So, after it was confirmed, I was called back and told when and where I needed to be that night. Carolyn was in my dorm room as I got my gear together. The base was on lockdown, so she couldn't even leave to go home. There was panic, tears, and anger across the base. I couldn't call my parents to tell them I was safe and they couldn't call me because the phone lines were over-worked and busy. A month and a half later I was allowed to go home for my cousin Dustin's wedding. I took a C-17 from England to the East Coast. When we landed, we were told that we needed to contact our squadrons for further instructions because during the time of our flight, the U.S. had started bombing Afghanistan. Luckily, I was still allowed to go home for a few days for the wedding. The time home was hard. I felt guilty for being away from my comrads during such an important time. But, at the same time I felt very fortunate for the time I got to spend with my family because this was a time of uncertainty. I didn't know where I would go next, and when I'd get to see my family again. In a way, after I returned to RAF Mildenhall, as time passed it seemed that we became slightly complacent about the war. It wasn't until I was deployed to Al-Udeid AB when I heard over the loud speaker that we had captured Saddam Hussein did I remember that we are at war and we all should be a little scared.
So, as I watched the video footage from The War on the Today show, I was humbled. I cried as it showed men fighting in WWII, the war that will forever be referred to as The War. It was real life people fighting, dying, making the ultimate sacrifice for our country. My heart couldn't help but break for the women and children left behind as these brave men fought so bravely and for the family of those who never returned home. The War's 7 part series starts tonight on PBS. Check your local listings for times. I know we will be glued to the television for it. As for the song, American Anthem, I encourage you to listen to it when you have time to reflect on your own life.,,4415952,00.html

"America, America. I gave my best to you."

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Dawn said...

Touching post, you gave me goosebumbs.