Sunday, September 23, 2007

Date Night

It had been a couple months since Chris and I had a date night. Since Calvin went to his dad's yesterday for the night, we decided to make the most out of our evening... well afternoon/evening/night. We headed to Champaign for some much needed shopping... I need it like air somedays... hehehe. Two determined people shopping and we got some much needed things for the wedding: guest book & pen, ribbon for bouquets, my shoes, and Chris's wedding band. Then, we went to Outback for dinner and I had a couple Wallaby-darnedes - - - mmmm... delicious. Of course I insisted we had to go to Target bc I just can't go to Champaign without going to Target. :-) Then, we headed home. I know it probably doesn't sound like much of a date night. But, we had a really good time together. It was very refreshing to look at wedding bands for him. It reminded me that we are getting married... not just having a wedding. It was so nice to spend the afternoon with Chris and enjoy each other - no wedding planning, no searching for jobs, no homework - - - just me and him. :-)
I think we were both ready to see Calvin when he got home at noon today. But, the break was nice.

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Dawn said...

I love doing the mundane with Weldon. So nice.