Thursday, August 9, 2007

Fair Time!

The county fair kicked off last weekend. Calvin and I joined the family Sunday at the fair. Dad, Denise, Levi, and Tiffany camp at the fair because they bring 4-H animals to show. Having their camper there makes it so much easier with Calvin. Sunday, we made it to the harness races with Grandma and Grandpa and then watched Levi show his calf. Levi never thought to name his calf so Calvin named her Jill. We think it's a good name.
Wednesday night, the Dunston Clan... Weldon, Dawn, Daelyn and Little Weldon met up with us at the fair to ride some rides. Calvin and Daelyn had so much fun riding rides together. Daelyn was even upset when we left and she had to ride them by herself. Calvin is normally pretty shy. But, last night he had no problem telling me what rides he wanted to ride. I had prepared myself for him to cry but he never did. He is really getting to be a big boy! Levi and Tiffany sold their sheep at the fair Wednesday night, too. Levi got $1.30/lb and Tiffany got $1.20/lb... not bad for sheep!
The picture below is my FAVORITE picture of Daelyn and Calvin at the fair. Doesn't it remind you of those wedding pictures when the bride and the groom are leaving for their honeymoon? I swear Hallmark will be calling us next week to use this picture on wedding cards! It is just too priceless.

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