Wednesday, August 29, 2007

College Girl

Incase you haven't heard... I'm a college girl, now. ;-) Yeah... check me out! Something about calling myself a college girl is more attractive than "working single mom." So, yeah I like the label "College girl!" :-) School is going okay so far. Dropped 2 classes the first day and replaced them - they just sucked and were stupid and not necessary. In most classes I'm the oldest person. It's okay... even after a baby I can still compete with those skinny college girls. I can't wait for them to gain the Freshman 15 and then I will be thinner than them! (insert evil laugh)
First night at my software application class and I was asked (infront of the WHOLE class) from a fellow girl student if I was Jake Chisler's sister. I had to fess up... I admitted I was. To be honest... I was afraid to because knowing Jake he may have broke this poor girl's heart. Also, my instructor is a teacher at Dieterich HS where Jake and Phillip went to school and I really didn't want their rowdy rep to get me into trouble on the first night of school. The instructor just laughed about it... like he knew some of the funny things these boys did in HS. Oh well... I proved myself later when I knew something the teacher didn't know. Come on... I know computers. :-)

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