Wednesday, August 29, 2007


Where is my organized life?
My calendar/planner has been missing for a few days.
It's like air to me.
Everything scheduled to happen is written in it.
I live by this calendar.
It is aquaish print w/ a picture of a baby on it - not Calvin. I never got around to putting his picture in it.
Maybe one of you will see it around.

Standing Ovation

I gotta tell you what happened this morning at Public Aid when I went to sign Calvin up for insurance - it's not like I was asking for a hand-out - just some insurance for my kid while I go to school! So, I went to PA (Public Aid) this morning to get Calvin signed up for Kid Care. The man working was very rude to me and said I couldn't speak to a case worker until I filled out a pile of paperwork. So, I took it w/ me. I ran home and gathered up all the information that I needed and filled out all of the paperwork and then returned to PA with the paperwork, SS cards, birth certificates, proof of income, etc. The same man as before was working the front desk - the same guy that is always working it and is always an ass. Anyway, so I patiently wait my turn in line. I watched him treat the elderly man in line before me like crap. That bothered me a lot. When it's my turn I asked to speak w/ a case worker to go over the details of my financial situation and how going off of my last 30 days income isn't accurate to what I am making, now. I also politely stressed that I need Calvin to have insurance by Saturday so he doesn't go a day w/o it. He didn't care and informed me that they only take walk-ins after 8:30 a.m. My smart ass said, "It is 11:45. Isn't that after 8:30?" Then, I gave him that very arrogant you're such a loser look and rolled my eyes. He asked if I had an appointment. I looked at him like he was a moron and said, "Listen, I called here a few weeks ago to make an appointment and spoke w/ a man that was probably you that told me that you do NOT take appointments. You offer walk-in service after 8:30. Again, I am here after 8:30. I don't understand what the problem is. Also, that man told me that I couldn't sign-up until my insurance was expired so I am here now to make sure everything will go smoothly this weekend." By this time he realizes I'm upset. All I want is some freaking help! If I would have walked in there looking like white trash he would have gotten me in to sign up right away but bc I look like a civilized human being I am not worthy of PA?!? I do not need to justify myself to this jerk. Grrr... I tell him this and how frustrated I am with the system and people like him that don't care and obviously don't know their jobs! I finish that part by asking if he left his personality at home today. He insists that I was NEVER told anything that I told him about the appointments - calls me a liar - used that word. Now, I want to reach through the hole in the glass between us and rip his eye balls out. I ask for his manager. He informs me that he is the manager. I don't believe him and I insist that there has to be someone above him that I can either talk to face to face or over the phone but he won't give in. Just then... I look around the room and notice our Governor's picture on the wall. I smiled at the moron behind the counter and very politely said, "I guess I will call the Governor's office, then." I think he knew I meant business. He immediately assigned me a case worker and gave me a direct number to call this afternoon to follow-up. I thanked him for this help but informed him I would still be making a formal complaint. I stood firm... and then the 2 guys in the waiting room stood up and started applauding me... one of the men was the elderly man that was ahead of me in line. He had a big smile on his face and looked at me as to say, "Thank-you." :-) I really did call the capitol. Take that Mr. Public Aid Receptionist Jerk!

College Girl

Incase you haven't heard... I'm a college girl, now. ;-) Yeah... check me out! Something about calling myself a college girl is more attractive than "working single mom." So, yeah I like the label "College girl!" :-) School is going okay so far. Dropped 2 classes the first day and replaced them - they just sucked and were stupid and not necessary. In most classes I'm the oldest person. It's okay... even after a baby I can still compete with those skinny college girls. I can't wait for them to gain the Freshman 15 and then I will be thinner than them! (insert evil laugh)
First night at my software application class and I was asked (infront of the WHOLE class) from a fellow girl student if I was Jake Chisler's sister. I had to fess up... I admitted I was. To be honest... I was afraid to because knowing Jake he may have broke this poor girl's heart. Also, my instructor is a teacher at Dieterich HS where Jake and Phillip went to school and I really didn't want their rowdy rep to get me into trouble on the first night of school. The instructor just laughed about it... like he knew some of the funny things these boys did in HS. Oh well... I proved myself later when I knew something the teacher didn't know. Come on... I know computers. :-)

Tuesday, August 28, 2007


A couple weeks ago I was outside telling Dawn and Daelyn good-bye after an evening of absolute fun for Calvin and Daelyn. I swore I heard a dog breathing but it was dark and didn't see anything. I thought I was going nuts. As Dawn pulled out of the driveway she called to tell me that I wasn't crazy she saw a dog in my yard. Whew... I'm not insane! We've come to know this dog as Marvin. Chris and Calvin named him. He's a beagle mut of somesort - but we don't judge him for that. ;-) Calvin absolutely loves Marvin and wants to pet and hug him all the time. I think Calvin thinks Marvin should follow him around all the time. Calvin has also learned how to yell for Marvin --- ALL OF THE TIME! It is cute... but Marvin just doesn't come. Marvin is shy... he acts like he was beat before. At first he would dart away at the first sight of us. He is getting better each day. I think we all love him but Barb (land-lady) has specifically told me that we CANNOT have a dog! So, Chris doesn't think we should buy Marvin dog food because that would be going against Barb's rule. So, each day I manage to find some table scraps or leftovers that need to be thrown out and give them and fresh water to Marvin. I think Chris looks the other way and pretends not to notice - but I know he does and I also know that he wouldn't want Marvin to starve.
Next time I pay rent I will ask Barb if she knows where Marvin came from and also let her know that we didn't buy him or get him from somewhere but he just showed up in our yard and won't leave.

Monday, August 27, 2007

It's been awhile...

First and formost, I apologize to my regulars here at my blogspot. I have failed to update this blog in a couple weeks. Thank-you Rebekah for pointing out that there are people that check out this blog often. On that note... Rebekah get some 1st day school pics of your kids soon! hahaha! :-)
On 8/10/2007 Chris popped the BIG question. It was very romantic. He had Calvin actually hold the ring while he got down on one knee. It was very touching. So, now you're wondering when the big day is... February 2, 2008 at Bishop Church w/ the reception at Stone's Throw Golf Course in Newton. I had always dreamt of a winter wedding... so that's what I get. Chris has been very helpful w/ the wedding preparations and dealing w/ my stress.
8/12/2007 was Calvin's 2nd birthday party! It was AWESOME! He had a great time. He also got WAY TOO MANY presents. Luckily, most of the toys went to Dada's. :-) Thank-you to EVERYONE for the prezies!
8/13/2007 my baby turned 2... yes I cried... a lot... I'm not ready for him to grow-up. We spent the whole day together. I even took him to Dr. Balda's w/ me and he got to see their HUGE fish tank. He LOVED it! His Aunt Tiffany came over for awhile on his birthday and even came along to Homewood Grill for ice cream that evening! He loves her sooo much!
8/18/2007 Dawn and Daelyn Dunston came over for the evening. Calvin and Daelyn are becoming very good friends. Calvin loves to play w/ her. I think Daelyn loves Calvin and his fish. They enjoyed Little Tykes golf in the backyard, too. Dawn calmed me down a bit... I was getting huge anxiety attacks and feeling overwhelmed about the wedding... just so much to do in such a little time. But, she reassured me that she will be with me every step of the way. THANK-YOU DAWN!!!
8/25/2007 - Daelyn (Dawn's daughter) had her 3rd birthday party... it was so awesome. Can you say Hello Kitty??? That was the theme - and it was sooo cute! Dawn had water balloons and water guns for all the kids. Calvin had a GREAT time! Daelyn also scored some GREAT gifts!
TODAY... things are going okay... it's a new week. I'm not going to stress out this week like I did the past 2 weeks. Wedding plans are coming along. Get ready bridesmaids, usherettes, and all the other women --- SHOPPING in Indianapolis on September 15th!!!

*** More to come soon... about a dog...

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Everything I thought was missing...

A few things had gone missing in my house like several of Calvin's little toy animals, little tupperware bowls that had Calvin's snack's in them, a bra, 2 necklaces, and a sandal of mine. Today... I watched Calvin carry his gold fish crackers by the handful and put them in a small cabinet just his height in the hallway. I looked in there and found everything above plus part of a now-rotten banana. How had I not noticed him hide all of his "treasures" in this cabinet? I knew he liked it and occassionally saw him playing in the cabinet but I had no idea he had in a sense claimed it as "his". From now on, this cabinet will be the very first place I will look for anything I am missing!!!

Wednesday, August 15, 2007


Monday, August 13th was Calvin's 2nd birthday. However, the whole weekend and Monday was pretty much dedicated to him. Saturday evening Mimi (new name Calvin has given to my mom), Clay, and Chelsea came over to give Calvin their gift... an aquarium and lots of fish. He loves them! We put the aquarium in his bedroom. Sunday Calvin spent the day with his dad while Chris and I did a makeover on Calvin's room. It went from cute nursery to farmyard toddler room. Then, we met Calvin and Aaron at the park to get ready for his birthday party. Calvin loved everything from all the gifts to the cake to the humungous (sp?) cow and pig balloons we had for him there. It was a great time. He got some great gifts like a t-ball set, golf set, books, clothes, farm animals, and of course money. When we got home Calvin got to unwrap his bedroom door to see his new room. He loved it! There was a toddler bed w/ a farmyard comforter, a handmade pillow (by me), a Sesame Street tent, I made him cow print curtains, there was his custom painting, also 3 cow print frames I made, and a poster print of him and his monkeys. It's quite the room for a 2 year old! :-) Monday was Calvin's official birthday... I think he had a good birthday including going to Homewood Grill for ice cream with me, Chris, and Tiffany. We also saved part of his birthday cake and sang to him again Monday night. The cake was still delicious! Anyway... my little boy is getting big... he's 2, now... I can't believe it.
You can see more pictures at dropshots.

Monday, August 13, 2007


Friday evening... after dinner at the Olive Garden Chris proposed!!! It was so special how he included Calvin in the proposal. No date set, yet. More details to come. So busy right now...

Thursday, August 9, 2007

Fair Time!

The county fair kicked off last weekend. Calvin and I joined the family Sunday at the fair. Dad, Denise, Levi, and Tiffany camp at the fair because they bring 4-H animals to show. Having their camper there makes it so much easier with Calvin. Sunday, we made it to the harness races with Grandma and Grandpa and then watched Levi show his calf. Levi never thought to name his calf so Calvin named her Jill. We think it's a good name.
Wednesday night, the Dunston Clan... Weldon, Dawn, Daelyn and Little Weldon met up with us at the fair to ride some rides. Calvin and Daelyn had so much fun riding rides together. Daelyn was even upset when we left and she had to ride them by herself. Calvin is normally pretty shy. But, last night he had no problem telling me what rides he wanted to ride. I had prepared myself for him to cry but he never did. He is really getting to be a big boy! Levi and Tiffany sold their sheep at the fair Wednesday night, too. Levi got $1.30/lb and Tiffany got $1.20/lb... not bad for sheep!
The picture below is my FAVORITE picture of Daelyn and Calvin at the fair. Doesn't it remind you of those wedding pictures when the bride and the groom are leaving for their honeymoon? I swear Hallmark will be calling us next week to use this picture on wedding cards! It is just too priceless.

Hilton with the Dunston's

Saturday evening Calvin and I joined the Dunston clan at the Hilton for some swimming. Needless to say, we had a great time. I had no idea Calvin and Daelyn would be such natural swimmers. The pool was a little cold and the hot tub more like slightly warmer than luke warm so we ended up in the hot tub. Aren't they adorable? We will hopefully get to go swimming with them again this summer. I'm very proud of Calvin for being so brave in the water.

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Why Wal-Mart? Why?

Okay let's face it... Wal-Mart is no Target. But, that's all we got in Effy so that's where we go. Our Wal-Mart is remodeling. I bet this is hurting business BIG time because NOTHING is in the same place... well the fish still are but that's it. I know our Wal-Mart wasn't glamorous. It was nothing special... so WHY is someone trying to change our Wal-Mart?!? Grrr...

Monday, August 6, 2007

Ordner vacation

Most of you know I opt'ed out of the Ordner vacation to Pigeon Forge, TN due to my work schedule - blah blah blah long story... ANYWAY, Chris got home yesterday. He said he had a good time. He said he mostly enjoyed slamming his brothers and sisters into the wall at the go-cart track... okay I need to clarify that he said this laughing like it was so much fun like when they were kids - he did not say it in a passive aggressive way. :-) From his vacation report, it sounds like everyone had a pretty good time - especially the kids. Chris knows that I'm not into cheap-tacky souveniors. So, he got Calvin a #19 Elliott Sadler die cast car in a case. Way to go Chris!!! :-)


Calvin and I survived the weekend without Chris!!! Whooohooo!!! We actually had a great weekend to include a family wedding, swimming at the Hilton w/ the Dunstons, and the Fair. We had such a great time swimming! Calvin and Daelyn are really starting to be friends and enjoy hanging out together. Calvin had decided to be Mr. Independent and wanted to swim in the 3' water with just cheap arm floaties and little help from me. I was quite impressed! Yesterday kicked off the county fair. Pics to come later from the fair.

Friday, August 3, 2007

Weekend without Chris

Rarely do you hear me give Chris the credit he deserves for being so fantastic. I am being serious. He does the dishes, cleans the kitchen, picks up toys, takes Calvin to the bathroom, gives him a bath, etc. He really does more than I think any girl in my situation could ask for. He truly is a God send. He left last night for vacation with his family in the Smokey Mountains. I'm sure he will have a great time and get some much needed relaxation... but how am I going to survive without him for a whole weekend?!? Okay - being a little dramatic because I know Calvin and I will be fine. It's not like I'm acting like a 17 year old girl that hasn't talked to her boyfriend in 3 hours and she thinks the world is going to end!!! I have come to depend on him for daily things like taking out the trash and doing the dishes. Who's going to do that while he's gone??? HELP! We have a busy weekend planned so hopefully it will fly by and Chris will be back before we know it.

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Afternoon chuckle

So at my work we have a classified ad feature with our email. People post things for sale and things they want on there to somehow - someway network through the people to get/make great deals. I check the classified ads often... I mean a few times a day... I'm addicted. Today, there was a posting from a guy in Support that states that his sister is selling her house and to see the attachment for details. I love looking at houses and was curious so I opened the attachment. The house was cute (not my dream house - but I'd definitely live in it because it is really nice type of house). Then, I saw it was for sale for $329,000.00!!! I immediately sent this guy an email thanking him for my afternoon chuckle because we both know that there aren't many people that work where we do that could afford this house!!! :-)
*** Shout out to Brian for making me laugh! ***

Marriage Re-enlistment

My very close friend, Amy, emailed me the funniest thing today. I knew immediately that I needed to post it on my blogspot because I am sure there are couples everywhere that could either find this humorous or think that this is the new way to go with marriage!!! LOL! For those of you that don't know what re-enlist is: In the military you sign up for so many years and at the end of the time you can get out or re-enlist - usually with a bonus.

"Don’t you think marriage should be like a re-enlistment? Seriously….you enlist into a marriage say for 4 years, with a pre-nup. At which time you need to either re-enlist and do your vows again, or separate and move on. Totally makes sense to me!!"

Fisher Price Recall

Apparently Fisher-Price/Mattel have forgotten that lead-based paint is bad. I'm sorry for being so blunt - but come on already!!! I just don't think there is any excuse for dozens of different toy products to have possibly had lead-based paint used on them. This is inexcusable. Please check out the following link to see if you have any of these possibly harmful toys.

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Calvin's 2 Year Pictures

Yesterday Mom and I took Calvin to get his 2 year pictures. I am hopeful that they will be as good as he was yesterday. His behavior was a HUGE difference from when he has gone to Sears to get his pictures taken. He even posed like a model for me! When we got to Sam Par Calvin wanted in the water. He just about scooted off the dock right into the water - Thank God I Caught Him! After that he got a little grouchy. This is when Grammy Bock Bock came in real handy... she ran around in the grass pretending that a whale was going to get her. Calvin found it hilarious which will hopefully yield fantabulous pictures of me and him on the dock. For those of you that know my mom you know that she can be a little crazy from time to time... well, yesterday she acted like she was straight out of the looney bin! It was sooo funny!
*** Shout out to Grammy Bock Bock for acting like a window licker ***
I will get the proofs from yesterday in a couple weeks. I will post a link for them, then.