Friday, July 20, 2007

Women In Red

Anyone that knows me very well knows that I am not a good saver. I love love love to shop! I justify this by only buying things when it's a good sale or on clearance. But, that's not a good excuse. I never use credit cards so I have also always felt like I was living within my means if I could afford to buy these things. My shopping has gotten worse since I had Calvin. I buy stuff for him all the time. It's ridiculous. Although I've been living within my means, I haven't done much saving. It's something I've known that I've needed to do but just haven't. Today, I saw on an ad about Women in Red. It's a message board where you can anonamously post your current savings and retirement numbers and your goals. Other people on the message board will be watching your numbers so it's inspiration to save more money. I'm pretty competitive... just ask Chris. So, I think that publically announcing how much money I'm saving will help me to save more. There are also some good ideas for saving more money. A good one I saw today was: Save all of your $5 bills. I think I might try that!!! Check out this link if you're interested in being a Woman in Red:

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Carolyn said...

Good luck.
There are many good books out there on Finances. Suze Orman (I think that's right) has some good ones. Jason loves the Rich Dad, Poor Dad books... I recently got into books on Voluntary Simplicity, which are about choosing to buy less stuff and to enjoy your life and your free time, instead od focusing of what you 'have.' The book that explains this best is called "Your Money or Your Life."