Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Why does hair have to grow?!?

It hit me today like a ton of bricks... Calvin gets is 2 year pictures taken next week... that means he will have to get his hair cut before then! Any volunteers to take him to his hair appointment??? I will pay you!
Actually... I thought I might let his good ole dad take on this challenging task! I mean... he was infantry in Iraq... surely he can handle taking a 1 year old to get his hair cut!!! I think it would make for some good father/son time! hehehe... ;-) We'll see what Aaron says. He's heard the horror stories not just from me... but from people at the salon... so I doubt he's gonna want to do it, either. On top of us not wanting to take him to get his hair cut, and knowing that he doesn't want to get it cut, I have tried to call my salon 4 times today and no answer... okay so I know they're probably closed today... but what if they just don't want to cut his hair - because it is so dramatic?!? LOL- I know better. Anyway, I will try to call Bridgett again tomorrow...

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